Monday, January 18, 2016

My Sketchbook is ugly.....

In school we had to do small thumbnail sketches as prelim work for larger paintings.  Consistently, I was "encouraged" to put a bit more detail in those drawings.  I still don't.  
Much like my handwriting, my thumbnails are "rough".  However, my sketchbook is an extremely valuable tool to me.  
I use it to work out formats and compositions, paintings for classes I teach, & to help me decide if I even want to do a larger painting.  

I'm always in awe of artists who show their sketchbooks & they truly look like works of art.  
That works for them.  My crazy sketchbook works for me.  :-)


  1. It's a great idea to make sketches and keep a sketch book of ideas and thumbnails. I have a few sketch books kicking around my studio, but never got into the habit of filling it, maybe I'm too impatient to get painting!

  2. I've found that I do a better job composing this way. However, I'm a painter too. I paint, paint, paint!!