Monday, June 3, 2013


One of my horses, Missy, is soon to deliver.  I've got a photo of her here, and you can see she's pretty round in the middle.  We pulled her from the rest of the herd down in Ky, but she's doing well up here on her own.  Once she saw that I was taking photos, my phone became of quite an interest to her, so they were blurred and too close up!  She's a sweet horse.  I've also posted a photo of the pond right next to where I was standing.  If it looks familiar, that's because it's one of my favorite subjects in my paintings. 

I took these on the same morning on my morning walk with Missy.  I love being an artist...I love the gift of freedom it gives me to work on my schedule so I can have these great moments. 

For this or other little paintings I have up for auction on ebay, just click the link on the above right.


  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis très charmée par vos belles photos et Missy est une bien jolie future maman...
    Quelle merveilleuse balade vous devez faire près de ce lac... Les reflets sont incroyables et quelle sérénité !...
    Votre dernière peinture est adorable et remplie de fraîcheur.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. Thank you! Painting florals is fun for me. AND...We just love our Missy Girl!

  3. I love your painting, Kimberly!! and how is Missy doing??
    she's beautiful. I just got back from Kentucky...we visited the horse farm there and we saw so many gorgeous horses.! You live in a beautiful State!!!