Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I like Liquin......

There I said it. I use Liquin for many of my little oil paintings.  I love, Gamblin oils, & and also use Gamsol, Gamblin Refined linseed oil, but I just love how easy Liquin is to use.  I pour a bit out of the bottle and there's no mixing, it's easy to find at art supply stores and it does the job for me.  Many of you have asked me about some of my solvents and painting mediums, there's one of my favs. 
For this or other little paintings I have up for auction on ebay, just click on the link at the above right.  Thanks for your interest in my work!!!


  1. you painted an incredible sky, Kimberly!!!! Absolutely awesome! The entire painting is beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  2. This is beautiful Kimberly. It has such a wonderful, emotional feeling. Also, thanks for the info about Liquin. I never know what to use for a medium. Everyone has a different mixture that they recommend. I like the idea of having something ready to use. Does it affect drying time?