Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Painting studies...

I know I don't talk about my process enough, but will try to do more of that.  Painting studies really help me as an artist to decide if I want to do a larger painting.  I know the old masters did them...and most of their "studies" look like my masterpieces!  LOL!  However, they are so important for working out both design and color issues. 

This little study goes up for sale on ebay after 11/8/2012.  Just click on the link at the above right for the auction. 


  1. this is fantastic, Kimberly!! You did an amazing job with her skin tones.. I'm so impressed!!!

  2. Very nice, Kimberly. Hilda is right. You did capture those skin tones beautifully. Thanks also for the comment on my site. It truely is a pleasure working and watching all the wildlife of this area. As well as the spectacular light shows we have here.