Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lots of painting....

I've been doing lots of painting this week.  I love doing still life work and I've been working on some botanicals that are large and are from a pretty close up point of view.  They look much like my still lifes so I guess I'll classify them as that.  I've posted a photo of some of my drying racks with it on it.  It's the calla lily with the red background (size is 24 x 24 inches).  This is at the block in phase.  So what do you think?  Still life or botanical?  
For the above little landscape or other paintings I have up for auction this week, just click on the link at the above right.


  1. Oh I do love the Calla Lillie....very contemporary feel to it!

  2. I LOVE both of these paintings, Kimberly!!! As always, your landscapes are gorgeous..this one reminds me of a beautiful spot in The Grand Tetons...perfectly painted.

  3. Thank you both! Wild that it reminds you of the west. Funny how some areas can look similar. I would love to visit there!