Monday, June 11, 2012

Clouds and Flowers....

Ok, so here's the botanical from the last post completed and still drying on the easel.  I just love painting these! 
And here's the detail.  My camera of course doesn't capture all of the colors in the shadows of the flower. 
The finished painting is 24 x 24 inches.  A fairly large format.  I'm working on larger paintings these days.  Below is another little landscape with guess what....???  More clouds.  The only thing I like better than flowers are clouds! 
For this or other paintings I have available for sale on ebay, just click on the link at the above right. 


  1. You have an amazing eye for light...simply beautiful!

  2. Un très joli travail d'ombre et de lumière dans votre fleur d'arôme... Elle embaume votre chevalet !
    Quel ciel magnifique dans la seconde peinture... Un ciel parfait pour rêver.
    Gros bisous

  3. Your clouds glow with a beautiful warm color.
    I like your floral and would love to see more!

  4. GORGEOUS, Kimberly!!! Your skies are always fantastic!! and wonderful flower! Hopefully, we'll see more of them.

  5. Kimberly,
    I'm torn. I love this calla lilly. The whole composition and size. It is just beautiful but I also love your little landscapes and clouds-those beautiful multi-dimensional clouds you paint.

  6. Thanks everyone! Maria, I'm that way too! I'm in love with clouds, but I just love still life work. Split personallity I guess!!!

  7. Kim, you are getting better and better with your art. Way to go! Barbara

  8. Kimberly, I love your calla lily! The background color is so rich and beautiful and your composition is wonderful. Your clouds are also beautiful as always!