Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Should I or shouldn't I?

I've been pondering whether to do some of the summer art shows/festivals.  I wouldn't even worry about it, except some of these cost quite a bit of money just to exhibit.  You've got everything from $100 on the low side to $500 on the high.  If I were to jump in, I would probably have several very large pieces to hang in the booth (maybe draw folks in) and lots of smaller ones that were pretty affordable.  Who knows if I would get my money back even for the booth, but if it led to more commissions, I'd be ok with that. Anyone have any ideas?  I hate spending money!  (Except on clothes!  LOL!) 

For this or other paintings I have up for sale on ebay, just click on the link at the above right.


  1. This painting is SO beautiful and I can't imagine you having problems selling any of these wonderful landscapes.!! Maybe you can display some paintings in local libraries..advertising yourself is the way to go...maybe leaving some business cards?? Hmmmm

  2. I think you have to trust yourself. You're so talented and you'll for sure sell your painting. I also think that in life you have to take risks because otherwise you'll never know what if...