Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rough week...

Well I got a bit of food poisoning this week. Bad watermelon. For those of you who've been thru this before, you know what I went through! I've survived and now am a few pounds lighter and glad to be feeling better.
On a better note, today was opening day in Cincinnati for baseball. Go Reds!!

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  1. I get to watch the Rockies here and I do!!! I grew up in the Indians are a fave...I love baseball. Sorry to hear you were sick. I was for 2 weeks! Then all of a sudden I was better..

  2. oh no! gosh is nothing safe to eat anymore? So happy to hear you are doing better, I take it you are now moved into your new place fully?
    Enjoy baseball season!

  3. Oh wow, Kim!! I sure hope you're feeling better. I've never had food poisoning but "I've heard" how bad you must have felt...This painting is beautiful..spectacular sky, as always. Hopefully baseball season will help!!

  4. Thanks everyone! I am feeling so much better!!! We also won on opening day! Go Reds!