Monday, January 23, 2012


My little dog Chassie loves sleeping on her pillow. She's also now taken to getting covered up with one of her towels. I couldn't resist posting this photo of her.

For this or other paintings I have up for sale this week, click on the link at the above right.


  1. This has a beautiful glow. Love the doggie picture.

  2. My heart melted when I saw that picture of your dog! Chassie is definitely a keeper! Love her! And of course, love your landscape! Gorgeous as always.

  3. Oh look at that sweet girl! So glad you posted a pic of her. :) And your new painting is beautiful. Love the misty atmosphere.

  4. She is so spoiled...of course she's thirteen years old. We figure she's about 90 in dog year. We just love her!!!

  5. Oh Sweet BABY!!!! I love her too.
    I don't have your email and can't find it on your blog.
    Please email me so I can send the photos.