Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's with the weather...

In a couple of weeks, the pools usually open around here. The last few days...and the rest of the week, the highs are only going to be in the 50's! Norms are in the 70's! Crazy! Plus, I now have a nasty cold, (and cold's make me grumpy!). I need some sun!!! Ok, there's my complaint of the day (and week). Good news is, I now have a new SLR Nikon digital camera with a macro and zoom lens. I've no idea how to operate it yet, but I have managed to take photos and get them on my laptop. Baby steps right! I can't wait to get out and start playing with my new toy!

This painting I call Shade Trees, is currently available for sale on ebay. Just click on the link at the above right to view this and the other paintings I have up for auction this week.


  1. Love the muted hills in the background in this painting, Kimberly.
    I don't know what's with this weird weather you all are having up there but we're really enjoying the south Florida sun. I do hope you get to feel better soon!

  2. They keep saying this "storm" is just not moving. (Sigh) I'll be so chipper when the sun comes out no one will be able to stand me! LOL!

  3. J'aime la profondeur sur votre peinture... et son harmonie de couleurs...
    Je vous envoie un peu de mon soleil... sans oublier de gros bisous.

  4. I can see the dance of your brush on the tree on the left. Nice job!