Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank you everyone!!

Thank you so much everyone for your concerns about the car wreck. We're hanging in there. I've got a really nasty bruise on my arm, but it is getting better! I've been feeling some pain on one side of my neck, but I'm hoping that will go a way in the next week.

This little painting makes me a bit homesick for Kentucky. Just a couple more weeks, then we'll be back! You wouldn't think it, but there are many of these little vistas that can be seen as you drive in Southern Kenton County. I can't wait to put the top down on my Miata and soak in some of the spring countryside again!!!

For this or other paintings I have available for sale on ebay, click on the link at the above right.
Hill Top View
4 x 4 inches, Oil on canvas board
Available for sale on ebay after 3/24/2011


  1. The vistas are getting greener up here! Should be well under way by the time you arrive, not as colorful as above though. Have a safe journey and thanks for your continued comments!

  2. Just read about your accident. Wow. I'm happy to hear all are ok. Your Kentucky dreams are inspiring. Speedy recovery!

  3. And where are you in Florida. I'm in Naples until the first week in May and then home to Massachusetts.

  4. Je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement...
    J'aime vos nuances de vert qui dansent avec vos ocres...

  5. Beautiful painting Kimberly. I've never visited Kentucky but from what I see ...I understand why you get homesick. Great colors!

  6. This is beautiful! I love your landscapes.