Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready....

What am I getting ready for? Well, in the next couple of weeks I'll be packing up to head back north to Kentucky. Before that, I've one more workshop to teach. I also have to finish my own school work, and in between all of that, I'm trying to soak up as much of the Florida sunshine, beaches, atmosphere I can! (Ok don't hate me!) I'm also going to be getting ready for all the possibilities that year has to offer. What's coming? I can't say...but I'm getting ready!

For this or other paintings I have for sale on ebay, click on the link at the above right.
Tropical Reminiscence
5 x 7 inches, Oil on board
Available for sale on ebay after 3/14/2011


  1. hi Kim, sure have missed coming by to see you..and the fla sun sounds was nearly 80 today..i hung out with my horse and soaked in some sun..was terribly windy tho..I asked for lots of sun when i placed my order with the i dont recall asking for the 8o mph gusts =P..
    hoping all is well w you

  2. Le bonheur que vous ressentez vous le transporterez avec vous...
    Cette toile est très fraîche, les vagues qui viennent s'échouer sur la plage sont douces et j'aime le contraste avec les couleurs juste derrière...
    Gros bisous

  3. Enjoy your last bits of Florida sunshine! Good thing you're not coming all the way up north, you'd find yourself knee deep in snow!

  4. Kim, You show a beautiful light touch in areas of this painting which makes it a joy to behold. The water is a touch of genius and I love what you did with the sky too.

  5. Hey Michele! You know all that wind always freaks my horses out. Martine Alison, Susan, & Carol, thanks so much! I've done several of these small seascapes since being down here.

  6. It was quite warm here today....probably not as warm as Florida, though :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  7. Since my neck of the woods is having a rare (for this time of year) sunny day, I did flinch a tiny bit when you wrote that bit about jealousy. Not. I am happy that someone is getting enough vitamin D. And now, or soon, you are heading off to Kentucky. Good for you! :O)

  8. LOL! Jan, sorry about that 'flinch'! LOL!