Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last year...

Add ImageThis painting named "A Golden Year" is so named because of how yellow the field happened to look the day I was there. Next year, on or around the same day, it will look totally different. The name also talks about my year in general. I've really enjoyed teaching my oil painting classes, I've grown so much as an artist thru school and pushing my own boundaries, and my personal life is quite happy right now. I'm not one of those artists who does her best work when she's under duress. I like it when things are happy....the skies are blue...the birds are singing...

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A Golden Year
5 x 7 inches, Oil on board
Available for sale on ebay after 2/27/2011


  1. Kim, this is stunning. I love the golden colors.

  2. Very nice color palette & I love the textures you have achieved!

  3. Love the way those vivid reds and golds come together! So energetic!

  4. Lovely painting, Kimberly. Particularly like your brush work and I have to agree about liking it "when things are happy"!

  5. A nod sent your way. (Thanks for showing up at my blog ... your presence is appreciated.) Do you only work in oil? Not knocking it, just opening a dialogue ... if that's alright?

    (you know where to find me for art, but I also participate in a pretty good bookstore blog:

  6. I work almost exclusively in oils right now, but I have works done in watercolor/acrylic/pencil too. I started out making art dolls and found that painting seems to be my thing. I just can't stop!!!

  7. i love your brush strokes!
    beautiful :)

  8. Hi Kim..wanted to come over and say hi..I know what you mean about being most productive when happy..=) if theres ever an upset in the family it usually shows in my do get kinda dark sometimes..i figure its good therapy =D..Most of the time things are good but i dont mind looking at the dark art either..Im weird like that hehe. Good to see you again..always love to hear from you. Love your last painting! and your dedication is inspiring.