Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changes in Egypt

I don't know if the rest of you have been watching all that's been going on over there, but I sure have. I know very little about their culture and way of life, but every time something has popped up in the news, I had to hear the latest updates. I'm happy for the people and hope this is a positive step forward for them. It totally makes me feel a bit ashamed of how much I take for granted here. I really do. God Bless my USA!!!

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Sunday Afternoon
5 x 7 inches, Oil on Board
Available for sale on ebay after 2/13/2011


  1. Hi Kim , yes we did lose one during the blizzard. The weather has been super harsh here. 20 inches of snow and sub zero temps. Im very happy to hear were warming up now. Wow, that was just way too much white stuff! Good to see you again.

  2. Very nice, Kim. I love the knife work and the warm colors, seems to be full of sunlight.

  3. I don't typically watch too much news. I need to check out some news sights and get the scoop....thanks for the head's up!

    That painting looks like a lovely summer afternoon :)

  4. Beautiful work with the knife, very striking! Fresh and vibrant colors!

  5. Thanks Janice! I just checked out your blog and your work is great!

  6. beautiful knife paintings, Kimberly.
    I feel the same way about the news from Egypt. I am thrilled for the people there and want them to have freedom from the oppressive regimes all through that region which is in the dark ages.
    It almost looks like it could be a domino effect. We'll have to wait and see.

  7. Love the color, composition, and sense of aerial perspective. And long live freedom & prosperity in Egypt and everywhere. I deeply appreciate our freedoms here in the USA!

  8. Hi Kimberly,
    I just have to say how I love your 'chunky' strokes of paint! Nice, warm color palette too...yummy!