Sunday, January 2, 2011

To make resolusions, or not.....

I made some resolutions, (I prefer to call them goals), last year. I pretty much kept all of them. I wanted to start and post to a blog, paint some smaller affordable paintings for ebay, start teaching some oil painting classes, & research going back to school. I'm just now starting my list of goals for this year. One is to start a website for my classes and another is to read the Bible thru again. Our whole church is going to try that one. Plus I plan on working on some larger works. I've already started a few. I like to keep my goals for the year, sort of generic/general. Then as I start working on them, I break them down. It works for me. I hope each of you achieved some of your dreams and goals last year...AND...I hope you get started working toward this years!!

For this or other paintings available on ebay, click on the link at the above right.
Approaching Storm
5 x 7 inches, oil on board
This painting available for sale on ebay after 1/4/2011


  1. J'ai hâte de voir vos prochaines oeuvres ...
    Cette dernière a un ciel magnifique.

  2. Beautiful clouds and beautiful painting. Nice job

  3. Hi Kimberly - Very nice landscape and sky work! If you will send me an email address, I will send you the digital file for the free calendar. My email is patricia(at)weedsandwildflowersdesign(dot)com

  4. Patricia, aren't you sweet!! Thank you! I just love your work!