Thursday, October 21, 2010

Summer Moments

Right now, my horses are wishing they had thier summer fields back. Everything is so dry and brown around here in Kentucky. I guess I like painting these fleeting moments so I can go back and "re-visit" them whenever I please.

Though, me being one of those people who can see the good in is nice to be so appreciated by my horses. I'm the "candy" lady now. They see me coming with the buckets of grain and some apples...I'm their new best friend!!!

Today I spent prepping my new planner and for the oil painting class I'm teaching in a couple days. After this weekend, I can relax again and go back to painting some more of my favorite places.

Shadows On The Field

4x4 inches
Oil on canvas board


  1. Really nice painting. I like the texture you added it give it a nice touch.